High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing

High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing is used to provide data on strain or force and acceleration of a pile under an impact force. The data is used to evaluate the bearing capacity and the structural integrity of the pile as well as hammer performance, pile stresses and soil characteristics, such as soil damping coefficients and quake values. Pile integrity, which is accurately evaluated on site, would allow the engineer to accept or reject the pile immediately.

Actual driving stresses and hammer performance data obtained during pile monitoring can be used to reduce the risk of pile damage. Piles no longer have to be overdriven resulting in lower foundation cost.

Random testing of installed piles would also provide the design engineers/contractors/client a measure of confidence in the foundation, as he would probably not be at the site all the time to witness the pile installation. It is also to ensure that the installed piles can function as designed.

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