8th Annual Staff Training 2017

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8th Annual Staff Training on 25th November 2017 at Premier Hotel, Klang.

25th November 2017 (Saturday) is our 8th Annual Staff Training conducted since year 2010. Theme of this year is Foundation Works - The New Impact state of art concrete technology to Piling Works in Malaysia (RC Piles, Spun Piles, Bored Piles and Micropiles)

We had invite six (6) guest speakers to give their presentation to us. StrainStall Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Y-Jack Technology Sdn Bhd are both Bi-Directional Tester that provide service to do bi-directional load test for our project site.

Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd (ICP) and Alliance Precast Industries Sdn Bhd (API) is our precast pile supplier that supply Spun Piles and RC Piles to us respectively. ICP has now G100 Spun Piles compare to previous G80 Spun Piles. API has upgrade their G60 RC Piles to G80 High Strength RC Piles.

We had just purchased two (2) unit BG38 Bored Piles Machine from Bauer Equipment (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd with total cost more than RM15 million. BG38 able to bored 3000mm diameter Bored Piles with total length more than 100m. We are now upgrade to able to construct Bored pile up to 3000mm diameter.

Perunding TCR had provide consultant service to us. They share their piling works experience to us from his pass project sites.

Company provide annual training to all level of staff with the aim to upgrade our staff so that staff can move forward together with company in future day.